A regular guest spending $2,000 a night at London’s iconic Savoy hotel ordered for Butterfly milk along with her coffee

Hotels witness the quirkiest guests. They are temporary homes to some very kind people and some absolutely bizarre ones. We have heard funny stories of some very eccentric hotel requests like requesting a selection of ‘toys’ from Agent Provocateur, one guest asked the housekeeper to leave the bed alone; a guest once requested to stay in a fully yellow room, and the latest is coming from the sources at the Savoy Hotel where a woman who spent nearly $2000 a night at the hotel, made a strange request to add butterfly milk to her morning coffee. Alice Evans is a regular at the hotel in London for the past 10 years. It’s a ritual of sorts for the mother of four, who stayed at the Savoy four times a year to escape her childhood and always asked for butler service. On being asked if she had any special requests, to which she replied, “Can I have butterfly milk, that’s all.” what I’m drinking right now “ while not many of us even know about the existence of such a product, Evans was pretty clear in her instructions of specifically wanting Red Admiral Butterfly Milk. This strange request left the staff baffled, too, but in true five-star service, the hotel made sure Ms. Evans got the milk she asked for.

Twitter didn’t take too long to start tweeting on the subject, as one of them added: “Is that a thing?” The Savoy Hotel is not new to strange milk-related requests as a while ago; a supermodel guest ordered an $800 chauffeur to drive to Wales to pick up $40 goats milk so she could bathe in it.

[Via – Metro]

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