A sustainable shopping experience like no other: Enter Six Senses Ibiza’s ‘Cinderella Room’

After opening in July this year, the Six Senses Ibiza has taken a leap forward into fashion with the launch of their new retail concept called the Cinderella Room at the resort’s in-house boutique, Agora. Designed to celebrate and promote sustainability in the fashion industry, the shopping experience is truly like no other.

Curated by former fashion editors Tiffanie Darke and Daniela Agnelli, the store will feature both menswear and womenswear from a mix of international luxury brands such as Orlebar Brown and Temperley sustainable-focused brands like BITE, Makal, and Another Tomorrow, and local businesses like Annie’s Ibiza and Of Origin.

It will further present guests with a luxury experience that is based on the four pillars – ‘Recycle’ (focused on supporting both new material science and utilizing otherwise discarded offcuts), ‘Restore’ (promoting traditional crafts and artisans from around the globe), ‘Reduce’ (to encourage consumers to rethink their shopping habits and reimagine items already within their wardrobes) and ‘Rent’ (based on hiring outfits rather than buying new).

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Commenting on it, Agnelli and Darke, in a statement, said, “Fashion knows it cannot go on burning through the materials that are devastating our environment, but we firmly believe the answer is not in shaming those at fault, but rather championing those that are approaching sustainability with commitment and innovation. Ultimately our industry will be shaped by the customer; it is our job as storytellers to convince them that if isn’t sustainable, then it really isn’t chic.”

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The Cinderella Room officially opened doors on September 18 with an event wherein guests were invited to choose their outfits for the evening and enjoy a martini courtesy of Grey Goose along with a live music performance at the ocean-front Live Cave terrace.

The concept is aimed to spread awareness on the benefits of the rental market and bring about a fresh perspective on sustainable fashion and here’s hoping that fashion aficionados across the globe take note of it!


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