A Swedish hotel will offer refunds to couples who divorce after their romantic getaway

With divorce statistics rising higher with every passing year, it’s time for industries that thrive on romance to step up their game. One Swedish hotel has jumped way ahead of the game with a new scheme that allows couples that split up after their stay to claim a partial refund. Countryside Hotels have announced that couples who divorce within 12 months of staying at the property can back the value of a two day stay provided they are able to offer the relevant documentation.

“We have for a long time welcomed couples to our countryside hotels and seen how beneficial it has been for them to get some time off from everyday stress and spend time with each other,” Ann Madsen, director of marketing and sales for Countryside Hotels, told ABC News. “We wanted to share these experiences with more people and decided to take a more radical angle.”

While Countryside Hotels boasts 41 independently owned properties, it is unclear as of now whether the refund will be applicable to all of them. The program is still in its early days.

“The aim is getting time for each other, and investing in a relationship is important,” Madsen said. “And we hope that we can convince more couples to invest in their relationships before it is too late.”


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