A view like no other – This Belgian zoo resort has an underwater suite that looks into a tank of playful walruses

If you’re a water baby and wish to gaze at sea-creatures at your whim, here’s a perfect staycation idea for you! In doing things a tad bit differently, the folks at the Zoo Pairi Daiza Resort in Belgium have recently opened doors to a suite that extends direct views to a walrus tank! Yes, that’s right!

Aptly christened as the ‘Walrus Home’, the luxury suite is positioned inside the zoo’s ‘Land of the Chilly’. Video clips and photos of the suite show a boy on a bed with a walrus beside him in the water tank. The curious kid can be seen reaching out to the sea creature who peeks right back into the room.

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Commenting on the safety and maintenance of the suite, a spokesperson for the resort(while pointing at photos of a diver cleaning the glass separator in the room), stated, “The diver you can see cleaning the window is doing the weekly cleaning session of all windows in our polar world – Land of the Cold.”

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The Zoo Pairi Daiza Resort also houses similar suites with views of housing bears, wolves, stellar sea lions, Siberian tigers, fallow deer, and penguins. Most animals are said to be brought there as part of a protection and conservation program and are taken care of by a fleet of trained staff. Well, if you wish to enjoy a staycation with the mighty bears and walruses, you know where to head!

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