Dare to check in : The 5 most exhilarating room views from hotels around the world

While we have a devoted list of 5-star hotels to frequent, one of our main criteria’s for a suite is undoubtedly an inspiring view! Truth to be told, for me it’s one of my top three criterions. Fortunately for us, these days hotels are going all out to give their guests that special view. While you may think of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris or the pristine Lake Windemere in UK’s Lake District, we’re talking about a bit of an adrenaline rush here. Imagine yourself living in a transparent pod suspended from a cliff, or relaxing 13 ft below the surface of the ocean. Well, DailyMail has compiled a list of suites and rooms with the most thrilling views. And we’ve managed to pick ‘em well. Here’s a list of our favorite five.

#5 Tinyeleti Treehouse, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Spending a night sheltered among the branches of an old leadwood tree is something only a few places in the world can offer. Of course, the treehouses are completely private and secluded and the furnishings are more than perfectly adequate for a wilderness experience. The 50m2 deck can accommodate 4 guests—and little ones are welcome. There is no electricity—but the lodge will equip you with a torch, and you should even be able to get a cellphone signal. But are you really bothered about checking your SMS? Didn’t think so.
Room Rate : $290 a night

Address: Kruger National Park
Sabi Sand Reserve,
Kingstown Farm, Sabi Sands,
1260, South Africa
Phone:+27 13 735 5000

#4 Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra Australia
If you are in for a unique and interesting accomodation experience, we’d recommend the Jamala Wildlife Lodge; for just on the other side of your room (thick) glass may be a tiger, lions, cheetahs or brown bears. Just by the way, it is a sought after experience for birthday groups and families, and comes with a waiting list of several weeks. So there are the jungle bungalows and of course, they have no idea what animal they might have on the other side. It may be the two cheetahs, tiger, lions or bears. There are also seven rooms as part of the main lodge uShaka Lodge and six treehouse suites where they are training giraffes to come to you and feed from the balcony.
Room Rate : $700 a night

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Address: Jamala Wildlife Lodge
National Zoo & Aquarium,
999 Lady Denman Dr,
Weston Creek ACT 2611,
Phone:+61 2 6287 8444

#3 Manta Resort on Pemba Island, Tanzania
When you are staying underwater on your private floating island in the Indian Ocean, you are bound to have quite an fantastic experience. While your room lies 13 ft below the Indian Ocean, if you feel the need for some fresh air, climb up to your top deck where the most popular hobbies are sunbathing and stargazing. The landing deck, at sea level, has a lounge area and bathroom facility. Then downstairs – the magical feeling of lying on a soft double bed surrounded by panes of glass affording almost 360 degrees viewing – watching the shoals of reef fish and exquisite, often rarely seen individuals visiting your windows.
Room Rate : $1,500 a night

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Address: Manta Resort
Psv-zanzibar estate,

#2 Portaledge Hotel, North Wales
So let’s be clear – if your idea of sleeping on a vertical rock face with only a sliver of canvas between you and the waves crashing 200ft below is not your cup of tea, then ‘cliff camping’ is probably not for you. Guests are strapped into harnesses which are secured to the rock. A canvas platform — also well attached to terra firma — allows them to stretch out and enjoy a degree of comfort. Meals are hot, of course, kept warm on a stove and lowered by staff from the cliff top.
Room Rate : $700 a night

Address: Portaledge Hotel
Anglesey, North Wales

#1 Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure Suite, Peru
So if you’re in need of a good case of vertigo, just book the Skylodge Adventure Suite! Essentially, it’s a narrow cot that a mountain climber fastens to a cliff face, where they proceed to precariously spend the night dangling above oblivion. Of course, in a safer, more comfortable fashion – by staying in one of Natura Vive’s three Skylodge Adventure Suites. The colossal suite entails a private bathroom separated from the bedroom, complete with an ecological toilet and sink. Before you get too excited let me tell you, to get there you must climb a 400ft cliff face.
Room Rate : $282 a night per person

Address: Natura Vive’s Skylodge Adventure Suite
Km 221 pista Cusco-Ollantaytambo,
Urubamba 5184, Peru
Phone: 084799158

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