Exclusive Resorts for your ultimate vacation

Making vacation plans is not easy. I like to travel, but choosing the right destination solves half the problem. Once the destination is set the next hurdle is to choose the perfect resort to spend your hard-earned money. If money is not an issue and you don’t mind spending $225,000 upfront and $10,500 in annual dues, then you must check out the Exclusive Resorts. A resort company working on the lines of timeshare and the likes, albeit the only difference lies in their exclusivity. They have the most luxurious destinations; be it the high mountains or the sun-kissed beaches; from the leisure destination to bustling metropolis cities, they have it all. The resorts naturally provide the best of the amenities and facilities. While reading up their online site, I particularly fancied sailing aboard The World, their very own cruise liner. It has twelve decks and five residences. This exclusive liner has two-bedroom apartments that boast of an attached gourmet kitchen and a private balcony. Among the very many facilities onboard, you can enjoy the spa facilities too.

Exclusive Resorts have nearly 300 luxury homes in 35 vacation spots around the world for a minimum of 15 days a year. There are around 2,400 members, which include celebrities and pro athletes. You can find them all over the USA, Mexico, U.K, and Europe. And not to forget all over ‘The World’! As an Exclusive Resorts member, you can choose from several simple ways to plan your trips: Call your dedicated Exclusive Resorts Member Services Manager for help or research residences, review availability, and book your vacations online with their ER Compass reservation system.

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