Experience heaven on earth at Vana Belle, a luxury five-star villa resort on Koh Samui’s East Coast

Inspired by the Thai word for “beautiful forest”, the bewitching resort of Vana Belle reveals its hand beautifully.
Perfect for honeymooners and romantics, the aroma of rose engulfs you as you step inside the hotel. The alluring views, the gorgeous beaches and the delicious breakfast experience all elevate Vana Belle to luxury level. At times, you feel as if you are alone on the island, swimming in the water off the stunning white sand of the private beach. It would be difficult to become bored with the tranquillity emanating from Vana Belle; nevertheless, if you feel the pull of Koh Samui’s buzzing nightlife, it is only a 5-minue cab ride away. Here, you can immerse yourself in the crazy atmosphere of Chaweng, with its fruity cocktails, night markets, ladyboy cabarets and so on.

Now let us share with you the 6 reasons why we fell in love with Vana Belle.
6- The breakfast experience (Included)
We love browsing the buffet, taking 2 slices of tasty smoked salmon, 2 slices of duck breast and some fresh local fruits. Then from the a la carte menu, we ask for our bespoke juice: Papaya, mango, orange and carrots. The variety is huge and there is always something new to try.
The culinary highlights for us included the two organic eggs, sunny-side up, served with chicken sausage and slow-baked herbed tomato and potato cake. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also love the Belgian waffles cooked to perfection, soft in the middle but with an outer crunch, served with a maple syrup glaze and fresh slices of succulent mango. Delicious!
And of course to digest, we never forget to finish with a refreshing glass of Champagne
5- The exquisite 5-course BBQ dinner on the beach (priced at 180 USD per couple)
From the romantic table situated at the edge of the beach, savour the fresh lobster and crab, barbecued to perfection. The exquisite seafood is complemented by a variety of exotic salads garnished with fresh prawns, garden greens and green papaya, and grilled zucchini, potatoes, corn and eggplant, among others! The wonderful experience is rounded off with the launch of sky lanterns made from oiled rice paper pulled over a bamboo frame. This is both romantic and meaningful as, in Thailand, it represents a new beginning for whoever launches the lantern, with the light illuminating the path of knowledge and righteousness. The believes say that you have to make a wish when you launch it in the sky and the longer and higher the lanterns float, the more likely the deities will receive your requests.

4- The Ocean View Suite designed to harmonise with the environment (priced at 730 USD per night)
We especially love taking in the stunning views from our bed or the private swimming pool; every room has a private swimming pool overlooking the beach. It was worth waking early to appreciate the sunrise from our bed!
We also really appreciated the quality bedding with the pillow menu featuring 6 different types; ranging from one that is good for circulation and back support, to one that soothes aching muscles. We selected the Contour pillow, designed to support the neck exactly where necessary.
3- The sticky mango macaroon
On arrival, complimentary refreshments were waiting for us in our room; a selection of fresh fruits, homemade iced tea served in a lovely little receptacle, and 2 sumptuous sticky mango macaroons. So light in the mouth, like a sweet cloud, breaking the perfectly crisp exterior to reach the white goodness within, the silky but light tropical ganache marries the freshness of mango with the smoothness of coconut. We love macaroons and we have eaten many from la Durée and Pierre Hermé, so please trust us when we say that these sticky mango macaroons were some of the best we have ever had!

2- The location
The resort is situated only minutes from Chaweng, the nightlife hub with bars and restaurants ranging from relaxed beachside institutions to more sophisticated ones, and only a 20-minute drive from Samui International Airport.
1- The Vana SPA nominated for the 2013 AsiaSpa Awards
Get ready for a special moment! The spa provides a wide range of massage and facial therapies, from which we chose the Luxury for Her package (Priced at 300 USD). The 2.5 hour treatment includes:
A 30 minute Lulur body scrub. The scrub is a mix of turmeric that reduces skin irritations and promotes cell renewal; tanaka powder,which exfoliates and buffs the skin; and rice bran oil, which protects the skin against irritation caused by heat and sunlight. I just lay back, closed my eyes and let the expert hands of the therapist do the work.
A 30-minute black clay body wrap. This is a detoxing and tension-releasing treatment with soothing lavender, herbaceous rosemary and tropical fruit extracts. The therapist told me that the mineral-rich black clay is excellent for stimulating the circulation while drawing out toxins from the body.
A 30-minute Thai facial treatment. This cleanses and nourishes with an herbal mixture of chalk, Thailand fresh ginger and turmeric. As the therapist explained, this combination reduces the clogging of dirt and bacteria, and exfoliates without damaging the skin.
Last but not least, a 60-minute relaxing aroma coconut oil massage. This is a real treat! The massage was divine, and I left the spa with soothed and moisturised skin like a baby with a sublime coconut scent! I can’t recommend this highly enough!
Only one thing would elevate this spa experience to absolute perfection, it would be to enjoy it with a clear view of the beach and its crystal clear turquoise water. I would much rather relax to the natural sound of the waves lapping on the shore than the usual relaxation music.

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Address – Vana Belle,
A Luxury Collection Resort,
Chaweng Beach Koh Samui,
Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

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