From toilet seats to bath tubs to the infinity pool, it’s all 24-karat gold at Vietnam’s Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake, the world’s first gold-plated hotel

We shared a story about the world’s first gold-plated hotel earlier this year and we now have an update on what the 25-story building covered in 5,000 square meters of gilded ceramic looks like on the inside. It is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, and this new glitzy hotel property is called The Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake. For guests who want to live in an ostentatious setup, ‘The Dolce’ surely doesn’t disappoint with the overdose of gold and glitter for a reasonably affordable price (Rooms start at around $250)! All that glitters here is not gold but certainly is everywhere from 44kt coffee mugs, gold-plated tubs, sinks, and toilets, and even an unbeatable 24-karat gold tiled infinity pool on the roof. Since words cannot come close to doing this outrageously opulent place any justice we have showcased below an array of images that will push you to wear sunglasses indoors:

Vietnam’s newest, Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake stands 25-story tall in the central district of Hanoi along the Giang Vo Lake. A 441-room property built at a cost of $200 million dollars.

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The beautiful infinity pool overlooks the city. But you will be busy goggling the 24-karat gold tiles instead. Add some sun reflecting on the water on a bright sunny day and the effect created would be intolerable to the human eye.

The hotel lobby clearly depicts the experience you are in for. It’s a significant area of the hotel that displays smatterings of gold all across the room. Approximately 2,000 points of gold were used to decorate the hotel.

The hotel oozes golden glamour not just in its interiors but in every element like the cutlery, showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, taps, and even the toilet seats! It is unquestionably a dazzling contrast to the many Soviet-era buildings that surround it.

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There’s no place in the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel where guests will see no presence of gold; and this aesthetic applies to the food and drink too. Dishes served at the hotel are topped with edible gold flakes, and then there are 24K coffee cups too! In the hotel owner’s words, “Don’t be surprised if you find some mysterious golden substances in your food here!”

An aerial view of the rooftop pool shows the beautiful lined golden tiles, as well as the golden sun-umbrellas, sprouting regularly.

A closer look at the bathroom shows the mirror, doorknobs, towel holders, bathtub, tap, shower, and even the soap in the dish and toiletries shining in gold.

[Via: Conde Nast Traveller]

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