Paris Hilton distances from family name, plans to open her own branded hotel line

Paris Hilton will be launching a new line of luxury hotels soon, starting with her favorite cities – Dubai, Las Vegas, and New York. We don’t know the name yet, but it may not be Hilton it seems. While she is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the father of the brand, she has been creating some pretty waves in real estate all by herself. Despite all the unattractive publicity she has made with her TV antics, she has been faring quite well for herself. There was even that rumor of her being cut off from the family legacy, or will, wasn’t there? Well looks like she would do just fine on her own. At 35, she is the proud owner of her signature perfume brand that has earned more than $1.5 billion, a handbag range, and has 50 boutiques around the world selling perfumes, handbags, shoes, and watches.

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This isn’t her first foray into real estate, she designed the Paris Beach Club in Paris for Century Properties’ brand Azure Urban Resort Residence. A second one recently opened in North Manila. Word is that she will be using a similar beach theme for her hotel range.
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