Pink-soaked Barbie-themed rooms at Hilton Panama

At first, it read like some news worthy of Paris Hilton. Then, it looked like some big vacation birthday party for some rich kid in some money-minting nation. But, once the page loaded and the contents were scanned, a small sigh of pity escaped. The Hilton Panama and Mattel have decided to dedicate one an accommodation for little girls, or boys who like dolls. So, they have unveiled the Barbie room. It is pink from door to terrace and across. It has Barbie and all her memorabilia everywhere you lay your glance upon in the room. It even has a wardrobe for shoes with Barbie-styled footwear, and Barbie toothpaste, and Barbie pillow, and Barbie… – well, you get the gist.

What’s more, guests can also enjoy a Barbie-themed menu (two pea and a grape perhaps; to maintain that figure), and a special Barbie beauty package at the hotel’s spa (metrosexuality can begin at 5, no qualms no?).
Can you imagine what our world is turning into? Donald Trump as a presidential candidate for the United Stated of America, and Barbie doll rooms for stay. Someone really needs to hurry up trying to build those space rockets, and finding water on some planet. This world is going to the tra(u)mps.

[ Via : Travelskills ]

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