The Ranch at Rock Creek – Montana, a unique Western style luxury getaway

Set in 6,600 acres (10 square miles) of rolling countryside, in a wild valley framed by low hills on either side. Wondering what I’m talking about? The Ranch at Rock Creek. Nestled in a classic Montana Landscape, it makes no jokes about its name. If it plays a poignant reminder of gurgling sounds for you, as it does me, then that’s because of the river named Rock Creek. More? Yes, of course.

But before we get there, figuratively, that is, why the destination piques our interest in the first place is because it is a luxury dude ranch in the heart of the American west. Featuring open wildflower meadows and rich creek bottom, the all-inclusive ranch resort offers a slice of raw western adventure with a dollop of diverse experiences. “I’ve been a horse-rider my whole life and have always been attracted to those wide open spaces,” said Kate Bosworth about how she and beau Michael Polish decided to get married there. Bordering the Deer Lodge National Forest with views of the Flint Creek Range to the east, The Ranch, besides Montana’s fresh air also offers horseback riding with its endless miles of grassy ridge lines and high-country lakes.

Now, returning to its element of romance amidst the wilderness- The Ranch’s Trapper cabin. Or as we see it, a 6,600-acres glamping haven. Located in a private spot on the banks of Rock Creek, Trapper offers the ultimate abode of seclusion, the kind that gets reclusive celebrities out in the open. Sans all the trappings (no nominal pun intended) of a hot tent, this one-bedroom, 600-square-foot suite made of wood, stone and canvas paints the modern day, picture of glamorous camping. It comes with a comfortable sitting area in its main room and a King bed. Trapper also offers a spacious bathroom with a tiled shower, a kitchenette outfitted with a refrigerator and wine cooler, perfect for private dinners, as well as a gas fireplace to keep guests comfortable.

But if you think that isn’t enough for your “camping” experience, you can just step out the door and begin fly fishing. Trapper is also the only accommodation with a custom soaking tub right on its expansive porch overlooking the bay. “The tub is perfect for late-night star watching or mid-afternoon relaxation.” And that is not where relaxation ends. The Granite Spa at The Ranch offers an array of salacious spa treatments. While the majority of your stay is packed with invigorating outdoor adventures, the spa offers a retreat for well-deserved rejuvenation. Along with customized massages and body treatments, it also allows for Yoga in the open. Yoga instructor in tow, you can experience a dynamic session under the sun, stretch out at a serene spot with the “Big Sky” above.

They truly mean it when they say, “one can cast into legendary fly-fishing at sunrise, indulge in a relaxing massage treatment after lunch, ride horseback at sunset, and taste world-class, regionally inspired cuisine in the evening.” So whether you’re looking for big mountain adventure or peaceful strolls by Rock Creek, the luxurious diversity at The Ranch extends far beyond its recognized definition.


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