This company which makes battery powered yachts is building a solar powered luxury resort in Fiji

Over the last several years, Austrian solar-powered catamaran builder Silent-Yachts has established its name as a disrupter in the superyacht industry by spearheading the category of sustainable pleasure crafts. After finding success in yacht building, Silent-Yachts is now looking to disrupt another industry – luxury real estate. The company has announced that it will build a new solar-powered, sustainable resort in Fiji through its exclusive partner Silent-Resorts. The Austrian entity said the decision to build a new resort was motivated by the success of its inaugural 100% solar-powered marina and residence resort in Exuma, the Bahamas.

“After considering numerous possible locations, we are delighted to be finalising the approval process for our latest location in Fiji,” Victor Barrett, CEO, Silent-Resorts. “When we officially announce the location in the next month or so, we will also offer exclusive stays at the existing facilities for those interested in learning more firsthand about Silent Resorts Fiji.” Silent-Resorts said these exclusive residences are being built to promote sustainability and exploration while offering some income opportunities for the buyers.

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The construction of the resort in the Bahamas has already started and is expected to be completed in early 2024. Once complete the property will feature 16 solar-powered four-bedroom residences along with 8 Silent yachts that will help power the resort with their solar panels and also offer a place for residents to stay off-shore. The company also announced the first “Silent Marina” is up and running and is home to the first SILENT-55 solar-electric catamaran, which is ready for use by guests.

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The construction of the company’s second project is expected to start later this year on a private-island sanctuary in the Fijian archipelago. The solar-powered luxury resort will feature 28 four-, five-, or six-bedroom Silent Estate Residences; 14 two-bedroom Silent Marina Residences; 10 two-bedroom Silent Beach Club Residences. Members will also get exclusive access to a fleet of solar-powered tenders, speed boats, and catamarans to explore Fiji’s natural surroundings. Additionally, buyers will also get the opportunity to apply for Fijian residency, helping them stay at the Silent Resorts Fiji for as long as possible.

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