Soneva Fushi Maldivies delivers luxury with the largest resort villas in the Indian Ocean

There is something called a slow life status symbol slowly creeping into man’s fast-paced existence. But it guarantees a lot more than just relaxation, SLOW LIFE standing for Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness-Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences. This is the philosophy of the Soneva Group, the best examples being their luxury private residences in Maldives and Thailand, allowing the elite to nestle in the lap of ultimate opulence. Of these is their new magnum opus in the Indian Ocean. The eight-bedroom architectural mammoth is the largest resort villa in the region.

The construction is a stunning two-story collection of villas enveloped in an expansive wraparound swimming pool. The master bedroom boasts its own private swimming pool and an outdoor bathroom, and there are five additional guest bedrooms, a children’s bedroom, a smaller nanny’s bedroom, and one for the Mr/Miss Friday butler. Other features include a wine cellar, library, and large sunken dining area within the pool, children’s playroom, and a private spa suite with steam facilities, a gym, and a massage room. In the midst of the Maldives, Soneva Fushi is alone in offering private villas with more than three bedrooms.

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But surpassing all the stupendous amenities are astonishing views of unending cerulean seas. As with all Soneva Group’s privately developed villas, this new establishment, with eight suites, has been constructed using time-tested indigenous techniques. Providing luxurious accommodations, magnificent natural locations, and incredible cuisine, it successfully strikes a balance of lifestyle and sustainability with a wealth of local, “money can’t buy” experiences. Except, all of Soneva’s exclusive villas can be purchased for $3 million to $15 million. Rental programs are tailored to the owner’s requirements, and in this case, come mid-October, the property can be rented at rates ranging from $11,300 to $30,000 a night, depending on the season.

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