Suite of the week: Experience French Riviera at the one-bedroom villa at Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa, Vence, France

Who doesn’t want to live the dream of a romantic French holiday? And when that holiday is at a place better than your dreams, you’ve hit a good-times jackpot! Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa is one such hotel; a pearl of the Oetker Collection and a romantic five-star hotel one that has just been awarded the ‘World Luxury Romantic Hotel’. Set amid picturesque rocky hills and olive groves, this inspirational hotel is distinguished by spectacular panoramic views. It was once a favorite with the 12th century Knights Templar for its strategic advantage. Old world charm and romance fill the air as guests enjoy the charming views of Vence from high up in the hills. Relaxation at the French Riviera is done by coming one with nature and soaking in the natural bounties that are hard to find elsewhere. The Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa has ample beauty with sprawling 32-acre gardens which are a natural testimony to the hotel’s environmental commitment. But what remains the most special aspect of the property is its One-Bedroom Villa. It’s unlike your avant-garde rooms which are difficult to distinguish from the other. The room is inundated with architectural character. One-bedroom villa at the Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa is like your own private, intimate hideaway nestled in hillside splendor. Villa Riou is perfect for romantic escapes, with pool, spa, and restaurants all minutes away. It’s like a home away from home but with the luxurious, that makes it unforgettable and open terraces for you to enjoy the scenic beauty. At the terrace you get a sense of peaceful seclusion overlooking the olive groves and all the way to the Côte d’Azur.

When you step outside your villa there are recreational activities available like two clay tennis courts, an infinity pool surrounded by lawns, an excellent Spa offering Sisley treatments, petanque and a summer club for children. Circuitous mountain routes are ideal for cyclists and hiking, and a private helipad makes Monte-Carlo just ten minutes away. The hotel property is open throughout the spring and summer season.

Area- 753 sq.ft
Occupancy- 2 people
Rate- Approx 760 Euros per night

Where- Château Saint-Martin & Spa
Vence, 2490 avenue des templiers
phone- +33493580202

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