The Grand Hyatt Tokyo is now offering the worlds first Takashi Murakami designed suite

There was a time when a flower was simply a flower. Now, however, things have bloomed, and a flower is nothing but the signature design of famed Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. Just like a coach is no more a horse-ridden carriage, the alphabets L, V, and D & G means something entirely different. The childlike signature smiling flower motif will forever belong to Takashi Murakami. After creating a stellar watch featuring his signature motif with Hublot, the artist gives us an abundant dose of his madness and magic by dedicating an entire suite of his artworks to the Takashi Murakami designed hotel room. Dubbed ‘Chairman Suites’ at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, the multi-room suite has been propped with 14 of Murakami’s signature artworks, and to make things more fun, are lined a bevy of artist-related activities. The stay package in the Murakami-designed hotel room is part of the Roppongi Hills Takashi Murakami Project and allows guests to immerse themselves in the world of Murakami. Artwork adorning the special room includes paintings, rugs, and more, but the most notable of the bunch may be the 195 cm Flower Parent & Child sculpture in the living room, done up in metallic gold. The package won’t just cater to the art lover in you but also the gastronome with a special gourmet dinner, concluded with a flower sweets box with champagne, a signed copy of a Murakami art book plus an exclusive mask and mug.

Let the art-lover hidden inside you take over by flaunting a unique Murakami-themed nail art for an additional fee. If interested, do remember the exclusive package only accepts one reservation per day. Stay in the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s Murakami “Chairman Suite,” for approximately $4,298 per night.

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[Via: Tatler Hong Kong]

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