The uber luxurious Maldivian eco-resort Soneva Jani continues to enthrall with the second edition of lavish overwater villas and a lot more

The Maldivian marvel Soneva Jani has become synonymous with a luxe island life. It was already ruling the roost as a haven offering luxury overwater villas and with the unveiling of its second chapter that includes 27 new deluxe water villas, three innovative new dining concepts, and a new Soneva Wellness Centre the spot has solidified its position as the Numero Uno destination of relaxation and rejuvenation. These 27 new additions join Soneva Jani’s existing 24 reserves, complete with slides and infinity pools providing enough photo ops for everyone’s stunning Instagram feeds. Let’s peruse the gallery to see each of the new exciting elements of Soneva Jani’s second superlative chapter:

A breathtaking aerial view shows Chapter Two, of Soneva Jani’s portfolio of luxurious 27 new Water Reserves, in all its glory.

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A closer view of the overwater water villa offers 360-degree Ocean views with unmatched views of the sunrise or sunset.

The new villas are flanked by several amenities like the private lagoon, with expansive terraces and freshwater swimming pools.

That’s the wonderful interior of the 2-bedroom reserve villa with sprawling living area, lounge areas, and fantastic ocean views.

The commodious bedroom looks airy, bright, and welcoming with abundant wooden textures, ample use of neutral whites, and stunning details like trunks, pendant lights, and a vintage wooden fan.

Some loved elements have remained intact in the new water reserves, like the transparent glass flooring under the dining table, making it easy to enjoy the blue waters even as you take a bite.

Part of Chapter Two is an eatery called Overseas by Swedish chef and restaurateur Mathias Dahlgren. The menu includes delicacies such as plant-based and pescatarian dishes and fresh produce procured from Soneva Jani’s organic gardens or sustainably caught in the waters around the resort.

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Another restaurant is soon-to-be-opened ‘So primitive’; a dining experience set around the central fire pit shining the light on the element of fire. Guests will witness excellent chefs’ play with techniques like roasting, grilling, searing and salt-crust baking.

Last but not least is completely organic eatery So Wild by Diana Von Cranach. It is a fully plant-based restaurant. It is located in the center of the Organic Garden. The cleverly curated menu displays Ayurvedic inspirations and highlights ingredients grown at the resort.

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