This Tokyo hotel will introduce a robot that will use elevators to deliver snacks and luggage to rooms

How cool will it be if there are R2-D2-styled robots serving at hotels? It will be great, especially for those who look for absolute privacy and don’t want humans intruding their personal time. A Silicon Valley based company, named Savioke, makes autonomous indoor delivery robots that can change the whole hospitality industry. The robot named “Relay” rolls around the hotel property delivering food and snacks to guests, and Japan’s Prince Hotel has become the first to give the droid delivery boy a try. Starting October 2017, the hotel chain will start the trails at its Shinagawa Prince Hotel property in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

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Relay is fully autonomous and capable of steering itself to the set location while avoiding obstacles. The delivery robot can also board elevators with any human assistance. How it works is when a guest order for something from the reception, the staff loads the bot with the item which automatically reaches the designated room. On arrival, the guest is informed with a telephone call; and after the delivery, it returns to its docking station where it gets back to recharging the battery. Price Hotel plans to accumulate data through the trails and start using Relay by 2019. Have a look at the video, it’s pretty amazing.

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