This Willy Wonka inspired hotel room comes complete with lickable wallpaper, chocolate-filled bathtub, giant lollipops, and a lot more.

If the sweet adventures of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop had left you salivating, then here is your turn to turn the table full of sweets and satisfy your sugar cravings. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, the Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth has turned one of its rooms into the ultimate candy land. To make this a memorable experience from the word go, the hotel provides guests with a ‘golden ticket’ key to unravel a world of sweet treats. Having said that, the stay here is a lot more than just jars of gobstoppers, gumballs, chocolates, and sweets in abundance; the room will offer never-seen-before surprises like lickable wallpaper in a variety of flavors, a chocolate fountain with dipping fruit and marshmallows, and a space that’s filled with Willy Wonka-themed goodies.

Fancy a dip in the chocolate-filled bathtub?

Even the bathroom won’t allow you to forget why you have come to this nearly $300 room as it’s replete with chocolate-scented toiletries, a purple robe, and slippers resembling the blazer worn by Wonka himself, and of course jars of sweets! One would imagine these sweets will come in handy as you soak in the bathtub, yet the hotel takes this sweet adventure to new heights by presenting a chance to dip in a bath filled with liquid chocolate. You can turn into a human marshmallow for an additional $250.

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What stands out is the focus is not just on turning the room into a candy shop but gives comfort equal importance. The presence of Egyptian cotton bedding, a memory foam mattress, and blackout blinds will help you recuperate from the enormous sugar rush and soothe your senses. Petty much like the movie or book, the supply of sweets is endless at the Chocolate Box Hotel. Don’t worry about sticky interiors and hygiene issues; the lickable wallpaper is replaced in between visits, and all sweets are restored as it’s inevitable the previous guest won’t leave any unfinished business in there.

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