Top Five Holiday Destinations

I’m a total holiday freak (ask my boss, he’ll vouch for that!), and am game to trying out new places that offer the so-called different experience. Here is a list of five top hot spots that promise to make your vacation different as well as offer world-class services too. Featured below are hotels that take you the belly of the ocean or to the flight of the skies, however, some are still grounded to mother earth. As for me, I just got a bolt of inspiration is heading to one of the exotic hotels, so miss me while I’m gone, sweets!
5. Hydropolis
Atlantis is calling all those curious to experience life undersea. Well, almost Atlantis will be the new hotel being planned by Crescent. Hydropolis is a futuristic hotel that will provide luxury accommodations deep within the sea, or even at shallow levels near land stations. The land stations will serve as the check-in point, linking the deep-sea pods below with a tunnel for easy access. Once inside the undersea area of the hotel, different pods or rooms will be available with many luxury options. Most importantly, the incredible view of the surrounding sea life will be the main attraction. Multiple levels will allow you to choose the depth you prefer. It will also feature a ballroom and a hydro spa!
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4. Aeroscraft
Float adrift aboard the Aerocraft. Soon to become a reality, this hotel will take you flying to your next destination or simply keep you aboard for your love for the skies!
Travel around the world, or find a package that will take you to your version of paradise. Each vessel provides a restaurant, bar, gift shop, and an amazing amount of space allotted to each passenger. You’ll get all the benefits of first-class travel for much less than you’d ever spend on a plane or a ship. This new type of luxury hotel will be available to consumers very soon.
3. Ariau Amazon Towers
The Ariau Amazon Towers hotel resembles a treehouse, with a whole lot of rain forest. Experiencing the Amazon in this unique way is thanks to this ingenious hotel fashioned like a treehouse. Eight towers make up this hotel that offers over 300 rooms. Getting into the jungle fever is pretty easy with the Tarzan Suite, which is large enough for a big family. You’ll be thirty feet up in the air and can travel between the towers and the rest of the resort via their authentic wooden walkways. Prices start at $300 per night for a regular room and go all the way up to $3000 for the Tarzan Suite with luxury options.
2. The Ice Hotel
Every winter in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, an amazing structure called the Ice Hotel is built. Ice is taken from the nearby River Torne and crafted into an amazing resort. World-renowned artists are invited to create original works of art from the ice, and many of these sculptures can be found in the rooms. You can choose from the ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ rooms, but the staff especially recommends a night at the cold one for a truly chilly experience. The cold accommodations start at $318 per night per person, which includes a nice warm breakfast and a trip to the sauna each day. Warm accommodations start at $318 per night per person. The Ice Hotel is located just a few miles from the Arctic Circle.
1. Poseidon Undersea Resorts
Still under construction, but when it is done the Poseidon Resort, will be the first permanent seafloor one-atmosphere construction. Bahama’s loss has been Fiji’s gain as this resort was to be built there initially. The resort will rest 40 feet below the water’s surface in a 5,000-acre coral lagoon and will feature 22, 550 square-foot guestrooms. All the rooms will offer guests 270-degree views of the ocean. At each end of the resort, there will be a 3,000 square-foot pod. On one side there will be a restaurant and bar while the other side will contain a library, conference room, wedding chapel, spa, and 1200 square-foot luxury suite. Rates at this 5-star resort will start around $1500 per night.

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