W Maldives offer a paradise getaway with its Extreme Island Takeover package

Is an anniversary or birthday coming up? And you are looking for a brand new way to celebrate with your loved ones? Then why not rent out an island for a few days? W Maldives has launched this great package where you can leave behind all your woes and worries of the hassle of organizing a mega party for your friends within a city framework – all that chaos and clutter! On this island, you can treat your guests to some pampering spa sessions (unlimited hours) or let them enjoy some sports (unlimited again) and of course, unlimited, free-flowing food and beverages. The island however has only 78 rooms to offer, so you may have to keep the guest list short and sweet. You wouldn’t want a packed house, now would you?

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This Extreme Island Takeover package starts at $4,000,000 for four nights and goes up to $6,250,000 for seven nights. They don’t do anything less than four.

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