Yunessan, a Japanese theme park offers Ramen Bath

Folks in the land of rising sun come up with the most ludicrous ideas to market their business and what’s more amazing is that Japanese people accept it with open arms. Thank God I was not born in Japan as I cannot imagine myself indulging in such treats! We all know that over the past few years, health spas have introduced a number of beauty and health treatments. And exploring not so conventional methods, some spas have introduced beer baths, chocolate massages, red wine face masks and even diamond dust face masks as some skin and health treatments. The latest to join the list is the noodle bath offered by the Yunessan spa in Japan’s hot spring town of Hakone. Although the noodles are fake, they’ve been dipped in the soup which goes with the snack and then tipped in a spa. The bath, shaped like a ramen bowl, contains pepper-flavored watercolored a light, milky brown, to like tonkatsu (pork bone) ramen soup. The special bath was created jointly by the theme park and a famous ramen shop, Nantsuttei in Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture.
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The Spa officials say that taking a dip in the noodle bath is good for the health as its ingredients help improve the bather’s metabolism and also helps cleansing the skin. A ticket that allows access to all baths costs about 3,500 yen ($29), although not all were impressed.

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