Graff’s iconic ‘Hair & Jewel’ image resurfaces in a $500 million diamond jewel hairstyle

History repeats itself, literally and glitter-ally. Laurence Graff in 1970 unveiled a photo of a model wearing an ornate coiffure decorated with $1 million worth of diamonds and precious stones. Known as “Hair & Jewel,” it catapulted his 10-year old or in this case, young, Graff Diamonds to global fame. Over 40 years later, to recreate that same celebrity, the company now recognized as one of world’s best-known international luxury brands, has debuted a $500 million dollar version of the iconic image coinciding with the opening of its 40th store globally.

A $2.5 million bejeweled bra has earlier been fashioned by Victoria’s Secret to elevate its not-so-secret global status but it clearly has nothing on this half a billion-dollar hairdo that carries brooches, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Its headline-making image was photographed by David Slijper to commemorate Graff’s 60 years in the jewelry world. “Until this time, images showing fine jewelry were typically modeled in a more conservative style,” Graff said in a statement. “This image broke the mould by using a younger model and created the idea of diamonds being aspirational to younger women.”

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Eamonn Hughes, using 22 rare jewels created at Graff’s headquarters in London carefully coiffed the hair of Dalia Gunther. Among the 22 unique jewelry items, there are three large diamond “heart cut “, Graff Sweethearts, as well as rare pieces, obtained from the 550 carats diamond of Letšeng Star, one of the largest in the history of the world. Here is one model who will forever forget the term “bad hair day”.

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[Via – Forbes and The-Citizens-Of-Fashion and Diamonds]