A man sues his ex- fiancée for $48,800 diamond engagement ring

In this present day, the engagement ring is given to a woman by a man at the time of proposing marriage and acceptance of which would lead to her wearing the engagement ring, signifying the formal acceptance to marry in the future. But a woman who takes the ring and then refuses to marry her man is considered to be grasping and greedy. All this is being penned down by me with reference to Dean Kuehnen Jr. and his ex-fiancée, Andria Castellano. This man is actually suing his ex-fiancée to return the $48,800 diamond engagement ring (3.23-carat ring) or an equal amount of cash. He also wants her to cover his legal fees and costs. But make the case more interesting, Andria has threatened to sell or destroy the 3.23-carat ring. But Dean says that both of them had consented to return the ring if their engagement was ever broken off. Did they actually have plans to break off even before engagement?

So now, instead of walking down the aisle of a church, this ex-couple will walk down the aisle of a courtroom to settle a fight over a $48,800 diamond engagement ring. Both were 21 years old when they got engaged in December last year. However, the wedding was called off this September. Couldn’t last a year in commitment?

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