And the award for the worst use of Swarovski crystals goes to…

As feminist movements across the globe continue to gain traction, hardware makers Bosch also decided to jump on the bandwagon to support the noble cause. ‘Why should men have all the fun (or do all the work)??’ thought Bosch. In honor of all the ladies who probably find hardware shopping too pedestrian, Bosch has come up with an enticing product that’s too hard to resist, something every woman has been waiting for with bated breath.
The wait is finally over! Make way for the stunning Swarovski-encrusted power drill, specially designed for the aspiring female carpenter, aka electrician, and everything else in between! Since there’s a huge volume of this aspirational, ‘I-do-my-own-work’ female clientele out there, what better way than this spectacular crystal-studded bling drill to pay tribute to this inspirational feminine crusade?

But when the pressure’s too much and expectations too high, even big names like Bosch tend to falter. Why else would they adorn such a beautiful and highly functional hand drill with *only* 470 Swarovski crystals? Maybe to prevent their male clientele from labeling the brand as biased? Or maybe they didn’t anticipate the negative impact of such sparse usage of those precious Swarovskis? Or maybe, just maybe, they are saving them previous crystals in case the drill smashes markets (quite literally) – fuelling an instant demand for a higher number of Swarovskis to create more bling hardware for this booming glitterati (or shall we say illiterati?!).
If you are a fiercely independent woman but love your diamonds too, go grab your studded Bosch drill at the earliest, as it’s going to be a limited edition of just 2,000 breath-taking pieces!

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‘Why?’ – you may sigh. Because Bosch is probably saving the Swarovskis to embed in their future inventory of glamorous female-centric hardware tools.

Priced at an affordable $367, the drill has gathered (hilarious) rave reviews on Amazon.
Dave, who is considering gifting this useful battery-operated Swarovski-studded drill to his fiancé, says:

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“My fiancé hinted that she wanted something ‘battery-powered’ for Christmas and I can’t believe that after only a few minutes I found this perfect gift! I know how excited I get about tools so I can’t begin to describe how excited she will be once she gets to open this! Screwing will never be dull again!”

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now, and bling… sorry, drill away!

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