Are Black Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are forever…..irrespective of its color! Titanium Rings Studio feels the need to rewrite the famous line-diamonds are a girl’s best friend, due to the growing popularity of black colored diamonds. Natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare and expensive. Black diamonds have been around for a long time, and in the last few years have been marketed and promoted, marking them as a trend. Of all the colors for diamonds, black was considered to be the least attractive for a number of obvious reasons, and a few less obvious ones. The general school of thought went along the lines of “most blackish rough diamonds are of poor texture, and simply look dull and dead”. Black diamonds are certainly less glitzy than their colorless counterparts, but the fine sparkle they can give is alluring to people who are looking for a piece of jewelry with a more contemporary touch to it. While colorless diamonds are generally the most valuable and sought-after, black diamonds are rarer – perhaps one reason for their increased popularity.

People have become open to the possibilities of using black diamonds to great effect in rings and other items for their exclusivity. Shoppers are gradually more interested in buying something no one else has. In recent years, black diamonds have become stylish and are currently offered at a very high value. Colorless diamonds are by and large the most priceless and desired, but black diamonds are rarer – perhaps one reason for their increased recognition. Titanium Rings Studio has used black diamonds to great effect in their current collection, either using the black diamonds alone for a more impressive appearance or setting them side-by-side with colorless diamonds, to create contrast. View the wide range of black diamonds in titanium and platinum settings at

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