Audemars Piguet launches Millenary Jewelry

Following their talent in the watch-making industry, Audemars Piguet has chosen to draw your attention to their jewelry selection, Millenary jewelry, for the woman who likes to have fun and be a trendsetter too. With their subtle play on ovals and circles, enhanced by the strength of gold and the sparkle of diamonds, each Millenary jewelry collection has its own way of illustrating Le Temps Ovale (“Oval Time”). The Haute Joaillerie line’s endless refinement, the sophistication of Classique, and Trendy’s simple elegance make up a subtle collection. Three harmoniously combined figures form its signature pattern: the softness of an oval, framing the perfection of a circle, then the simplicity of the disk, itself accented with a brilliant-cut diamond.

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The Millenary Haute Joaillerie line suggests brilliance, while at the same time revealing the beauty and character of the woman who chooses it. Millenary Classique line, available only in white gold set with diamonds, favors the simplicity of ovals and circles, reflecting the motif of the Haute Joaillerie line. Millenary Trendy line consists of two gold ovals, one of which holds a gold circle set with diamonds. There are so many different styles to choose from this latest collection that it can be difficult to decide which one you want to settle on. If your wallet permits you then you can pick up a couple of pieces as wearing designer jewelry is a wonderful way to show your fashion sense.

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