Dangling and disappointing: Louis Vuitton’s gold monogram earphone earrings for $350 are a bummer

Louis Vuitton had dished out some very impressive goods in the recent past and believing the adage ‘all good things come to an end’ Louis Vuitton just ended their good run by dropping their monogram earrings specifically for earphones. Nothing wrong with being experimental, creative, or out-of-the-box, but the monogram earrings look like they could only serve one purpose- of looking stupid. The creation would’ve looked splendid without being attached to the earphone. There could be a few takers for this, probably those that find the basic white earphones too plain for their taste. The detachable jewelry piece comes in different lengths and features dangling chains that boast the fashion house’s signature “LV” logo. It should be known that no piercings are required to wear this statement piece; all you have to do is insert it through the body of your wireless earbuds and you’re ready to roll. Louis Vuitton’s gold monogram earphone earrings are reportedly priced at $350 USD, which will be available sometime this month.

For $350 these do come cheap compare to their other jewelry collection but I’d much rather pay an extra few bucks and go for something better looking. Maybe like the very chic looking Virgil Abloh UNICEF x LV Silver Lockit Bracelet that set you back by $450 but are so eye-catching.

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