Diamonds and Chocolate desert nourishes your appetite for dazzling rocks

The week is coming to an end, and it’s time to laze and dream about chocolates and diamonds. Did I announce my two weaknesses? I just couldn’t control the urge to mention them when I came across this wonderful dessert. Allow me to share with you a chocolate dessert that was designed with a diamond stud by Mervis. Just three ingredients are required fluff up the Diamonds, and Chocolate dessert. 2 tbs chocolate mousse and 1 organic blackberry is topped with a 2-carat Ascher cut diamond for $ 18,000. Scheduled for July 23, the company has planned a dazzling night of diamonds and chocolate!

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Visitors can drizzle fresh fruit in their diamond-topped chocolate fountain and then peruse their selection of jewelry, all at reduced prices. Since they are into the love business, the makers thought that such a dessert was the best way to promote their chocolate and diamonds.
Thanks Kyla Quinn

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