Dior Grand Bal Golden Tattoos are made of real gold

Redefining extravagance, Dior has created a 24k gold temporary tattoo for it’s ‘Grand Bal’ collection. Created by designer Camille Miceli, Each set of tattoos includes chain bracelets, playful charms and rings. Each set costs $120 per set. These temporary gold tattoos are available only for a limited period of time. This playful collection is really the ultimate in luxury, clearly aimed at the “1%” audience that can afford to throw money at gold jewelry that will eventually rub off. However with gold prices skyrocketing this temporary tattoo may be the future for jewelry. Wear a gold tattoo for that one off grand ball without spending your life savings.

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Now if only Dior could convert this into a permanent tattoo, it could be a real hit. Available here.
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