Ever Together by Dynomighty Design rare earth magnet jewelry

Terrence Kelleman, artist and designer of Dynomighty Design is rediscovering this invisible force in Ever Together rare earth magnet jewelry. He aims to create new takes on old products and foster completely alternative views of traditional concepts. This whimsical and innovative idea of rare earth magnetic jewelry as offered by Ever Together sparks fascination and inspiration in users. Neodymium is a primary element of the magnets used in the Ever-Together Magnetic jewelry line. Most magnets within the line of Ever-Together Magnetic Jewelry are 2000 to 3000 gauss per individual magnet. These magnets are called “Permanent Magnets” because they will not lose their magnetism ever. They won’t come off under normal use since the magnets are more attracted to each other than any other metal object. If the idea of all silver is a little sober, then you can opt for the Spectra line which is available in 4 different vibrant colors. The Disko is one of the most versatile pieces in the Ever-Together line.

Mix, match, and redesign, these magnets offer a world of possibilities in jewelry that’s hip, highly attractive, and tons of fun to play with! This new approach comprises of different shapes, sizes, and colors that allow you to make literally thousands of your own designs. They are good for the mind as they balance your chi and challenge you to create. (Good for the body due to their healing powers and good for the soul as they have a calming effect when you take them apart and put them back together.)
Caution- These pieces are not intended for medicinal use. People wearing pacemakers should avoid these magnets as a precaution. Also keep them away from the computer, computer screen, PDA, or magnetic recording device and analog watches.

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