Gift your Valentine a Fabergé Les Palais Egg Pendant Collection

An exquisite embellishment that has gained the label of ‘a symbol of luxury’ since the latter half of the 18th century, jeweler to Russian Imperial Court – Fabergé undauntedly withstands age and passing times. Still, a dazzle wished to be purchased, gifted and owned, here again in the 21st century, the renowned Fabergé promises to satisfy your jewelry fad. Just as early last year, the House of Fabergé offered its ornate Oeuf Cadeau, a rose gold egg pendant, this Valentine’s it offers yet another gifting option!

Yes, bygone are times when you’d settle for an ordinary neckpiece. Ladies, you deserve to be pampered with this symbol of luxury – Fabergé’s “Palace” series of miniature egg pendants are available in pastel shades of enamel, and you can have these engraved with a personalized message!

The Oeuf Tsarskoye Selo Empereur Rosé is a pattern set in 18-carat yellow gold holding white diamonds. Measuring 22mm in height, you could make these yours in just $12,411.

If Oeuf Tsarskoye Selo Empereur Rosé hasn’t stolen your heart, we have the Oeuf Tsarskoye Selo Lagon in pastel green. Again set in 18-carat yellow gold with white diamonds to add to its luster, this pendant measures 14mm in height and could be yours for $8,274.

Take a look at the other two options from the “Palace” series of miniature egg pendants here.


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