Harrods Offers 12.5 kg gold bars for $466,000

Ever considered buying gold bars as an investment option? Harrods department store has launched gold bars weighing 12.5 kg and each bar costs $466,000. Men and women have fought wars over the yellow metal for thousands of years and in almost every culture gold has been given a lot of prominence and importance. If you would like to move up the social ladder, you might want to buy yourself gold bars and showcase them in your uber-luxurious living room or buy them as an investment option.

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The Harrods store would also offer investment coins which you might want to buy as well, considering the fluctuating and fickle minded economy. Harrods has collaborated with Swiss refiner Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux in order to offer the gold bars. Gold still is the most popular investment option, as we wrote earlier. You would definitely not want to miss the opportunity!
Via: Luxuo

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