Jean Schlumberger Elephant Brooch for $95,000

Not much is known to me about this Jean Schlumberger Elephant Brooch from Tiffany’s but I couldn’t wait. So I thought lemme share whatever I know and the rest can come as an update. Coming from the famed jewelry house of Tiffany & Co., this animal-headed brooch is designed exclusively by none other than Jean Schlumberger. Made from Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold and decked with diamonds and sapphire accents, this is a one-of-its-kind piece of jewelry. Dubbed as the ‘prince of whimsy’, Jean’s designs are always based on mythological creatures from the sea and the forest. Schlumberger was a prolific designer, with an imagination to match, who continued to design into the 1980s. Although he died in 1987, his work remains a prominent part of the company’s offerings.

If you intend to buy this Elephant Brooch from Tiffany’s then you will be honored to join the list of the impressive clientele of Schlumberger that included John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, Babe Paley, Greta Garbo, Bunny Mellon, C.Z. Guest, Gloria Guinness, Françoise de la Renta Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, Lyn Revson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn. As of yet, I can just conclude with the gigantic price tag of $95,000.