Largest Natural Sapphire is on sale in the U.S.

Sapphire, the birthstone of people born in the month of September is also popularly known as the ‘Stone of Prosperity’. Occurring in a range of colors, the most popular of the sapphires are the famous blue sapphires that have been adorned by royalty- (Princess Diana was engaged with a magnificent natural blue sapphire ring)! If your reserves are at par then you too can pamper yourself to the largest natural blue sapphire in the United States. This stone was cut from a 129 carat rough which was found in Sri Lanka in 1952. It was originally cut into an 80-carat stone and sold. Now it has been cut down to 69.53 carats in an effort to improve the light and color reflection and create a better shape.

Though it’s a bit large for a ring it can be exquisitely set in a pendant with diamonds, citrines, or garnets. Michael Arnstein the 3rd generation gem cutter at The Natural Sapphire Company has aptly described it as “you have to not only be wealthy to own this, you have to be lucky to have the opportunity to purchase it.” This magnificent blue rock is up for sale for $417,000.

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