Louis Vuitton reveals the stellar ‘Deep Time High Jewelry Collection’, the Maison’s largest jewelry collection to date.

The fifth and most extensive, Deep Time, designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewelry, is an artistic ode to the birth of the planet and the creation of life. With never-seen-before examples, high jewelry savoir-faire fuses with the origins of geology and geological legacy to deliver a poem that uses gemstones instead of words. The collection will boast 170 unique pieces, with the first chapter flaunting 95 pieces accentuating geological forms that is the Earth we thrive on. “At Louis Vuitton, we are, as ever adventurers, traveling to extraordinary, unexpected places,” said Amfitheatrof.

“Deep Time will transport you deeply into the past, to a time and place that is so remote and perhaps even difficult to comprehend. But at the same time, the stones – these treasures that span millennia – will bring you right there, to the beginning of the planet and into a history of the world and its mystical geological legacy.” 13 themes inspired by the planet are presented in the collection’s debut. Gondwana marks our planet’s formation, while Drift personifies the sun and sea.

Volcano, Wave, and Rupture themes represent the planet’s various apocalyptic evolutions. Similarly, life and its bounties are witnessed across eight themes Origin, Fossils, Seeds, and Flowers. This mindboggling variety of magnificence is held together by two constants- the spellbinding stones and the spirit of adventure and travel. Keeping Louis Vuitton’s spirit of travel in mind, Deep Time High Jewelry Collection delves into extraordinary, unexpected places.

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The theme of Gondwana and its vast interconnectedness is perfectly characterized by a seven-row layout of exclusively no-oil Colombian emeralds. The Earth’s circular movement influences the geometric platinum necklace, with a discernable signature V motif. An exquisite 4.51-carat emerald highlights the piece surrounded by 259 custom-cut diamonds.

A wave of wonder is experienced in the show stopping, high-collar Wave necklace that’s all things bold, beautiful, and blue. The most incredible aspect is the creative manifestation of LV’s signature V shape, crafted from alternating small and large bands of pave and baguette stones. The design culminates into a 6.19-carat LV Monogram Flower cut diamond dangling delicately over a breathtaking oval-cut 40.80-carat sapphire from Sri Lanka. Interestingly, the stone can also be detached and worn on a separate chain.

The Rupture collection effectively ruptures the norms and predictability of jewelry design. Millions of years of tectonic plate movement and the separation of the supercontinent is aptly embodied by the most audacious jewel, where a trilogy of unconventional stones and materials effectively get the job done. Call it feminine or sporty; the necklace makes for an exceptionally stylish piece with its warm, sandy zircons and a bold gold chain. The motley of gemstones on this necklace includes 33 brilliant-cut zircons, 15 oval-cut opals, and a triangle-cut yellow sapphire of 13.81 carats.

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Symbolic of the treasures of birth, a gush of color is witnessed in the Seeds range that manages a lasting impact with a single-strand necklace. Lacing the gold and diamond trellis pattern are mouth-watering 13 giant rubellite and spessartite garnet cabochons totaling 256 carats. The vibrant jewel is accompanied by matching earrings and a double-strand bracelet.

One cannot help but gape at the jewels of Flight that celebrate birds with a beautiful marriage of diamonds and rubies. At 15 pieces, Flight is Deep Time’s largest suite. The most versatile piece is the transformable cocktail ring – set with a 7.67-carat pigeon’s blood Mozambique ruby. One can choose to flaunt the gorgeousness of this stone by wearing it as a pure solitaire, flanked by two LV Monogram Flower cut diamonds, or go ultra-ornate with a bejeweled jacket that lends the solitaire glittering diamond wings.

A collection this marvelous could only be unveiled at a spot that transcends time. The High Jewelry collection Deep Time was revealed at the stage of one of the world’s oldest and finest open-air theatres, Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

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