Louis Vuitton’s monogram jewelry collection has something for everyone

The four point star, the four petal flower and the four point star inside a diamond are symbols that are practically synonymous with Louis Vuitton. An alternating format of these iconic motifs with the LV initials forms the iconic Monogram print that is seen on the brand’s popular luggage, handbags and accessories. Now the trademark symbols form the basis of the brand’s beautiful new fine jewelry line that draws inspiration from a five themes: Idylle, Sun, Star, Fusion and Dentelle, with each one shining a new light on the beloved monogram symbols.

This casual collection combines yellow gold, rose gold and white gold in simple, easy-to-wear designs. The pieces are youthful and easy to mix and match, making them perfect gifts for anyone from your mother to your teenaged daughter. The Monogram Idylle Ring (3 Golds and Diamonds) ($3,400 is our top pick.

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The inspiration may be predictable but the collection certainly isn’t! White and yellow gold, capture the beauty of the sun’s rays in this delicate collection that features mother of pearl details too. Monogram Sun Ear Studs (Pink gold and Diamonds) ($3,950) are an easy but dressy pick for date night.

Inspired by delicate lacy pattern (dentelle means lace in French), this line packs high glamor into seemingly simple designs. You can barely see the gold settings, in every piece the diamonds appear to be skating over bare skin. Dentelle De Monogram ‘Y’ Necklace ($40,000) is a must have.

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The openwork theme continues here with diamond settings, rose gold and cabochon-style mother- of-pearl for extra shine.

This collection employs elements of Idylle and Dentelle for maximum impact. Drenched with diamonds and filled with the familiar monogram elements, this collection is all about youthful, bright modernity. Louis Vuitton Monogram Fusion cuff bracelet was our standout piece.

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