Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel’s trip to Venice is the inspiration for Chanel’s 70-piece strong Escale à Venise high jewelry collection

Chanel’s jewelry head Patrice Leguéreau went to Venice with a drawing book that was filled with vibrant drawings, dazzling colors, and astonishing designs inspired by snapshots of everyday Venetian life. That’s how the world got a 70-piece substantial awe-inspiring Escale à Venise high jewelry collection. Divided into four themes (Sérénissime, Gran Canale, Isole della Laguna, and Spirito di Venezia), the group does complete justice to Venice’s architecture canals, its lagoon islands, and the watchful gaze of the Lion of Venice. Through a glistening trellis of sculpted designs and extraordinary stones, from lapis lazuli to sapphires and diamonds Chanel designer showcases an impressive high jewelry collection inspired by Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel’s travels to Venice. The lion is no stranger to Chanel and has made several appearances in their work before (fun fact: Gabrielle Chanel was a Leo.). With this collection, the lion reenters in the Lion Emblématique set in the form of talismans, triumphant in yellow sapphires and encircled by gold and platinum, dotted with diamonds. The Eblouissante transformable necklace takes inspiration from Venetian architecture and delicately weaves together a geometric design of pink spinels, white diamonds, and pearls. The deep blue lapis lazuli necklace studded Constellation Astrale set is stunningly captivating. In contrast, the Volute Vénitienne set is one of the most literal interpretations of the city, featuring blue and white striped gondolier’s mooring poles.

La Sérénissime, captures the beautiful mosaics, palaces, and churches. The glamorous Volute Crosière ring pays tribute to the water with a beautiful central sapphire surrounded by yellow gold, onyx, and diamond. Till you go and visit the floating city why not bring it home forever in the form of Chanel’s Escale à Venise high jewelry collection?

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[Via: Vogue]

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