Piaget brings playful elegance to life with the new Possession Palace Décor collection of rings and earrings

With the dazzling Possession collection, the Décor Palace, Piaget’s signature adornment brings jewelry to life! The effervescent Possession collection revolves around a spinning movement and shapes with this new set of seven rings and one triple rose gold earring. The diamond takes center stage owing to two half spheres of gold surrounding it. Piaget’s distinctive expertise in gemmology shines through the ‘half-moon setting’ witnessed on brilliantly crafted ornaments.

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Adding to the splendor of the collection is a vibrant mix of colors, volume, and textures with an artistic technique typical to Piaget. The Possession Rainbow Ring, for instance, mesmerizes with an array of green tsavorites and colored sapphires following the rainbow color chart to the T. Individually grand and playful together, the pieces of the Possession collection can be worn on their own or stacked together for full effect. The triple rose gold earring is even more special as the only earring in the collection. It single-handedly takes care of your glamour requirements while bringing forth master craftsmanship and an eternal design. The understated yet striking textured rings focus on Piaget’s creativity and savoir-faire and are the ideal choices for those who believe less is more.

The Possession collection and its newest Palace Décor iteration demonstrate a perfect sense of elegance combined with historical know-how. If youre going to possess a few fine things in life, might we suggest you try to possess some Possession by Piaget.

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