The Blue Nile collection: Diamonds are forever, especially when they are coloured!

Diamonds are rare, diamonds are precious, diamonds are expensive and diamonds can be yours and not just any diamonds, everyone knows by now that we talk about anything but the ordinary. The Blue Nile has just launched an exclusive $4.5 million collection of rare, fancy color diamonds for sale online; with stunning colors like yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange, cognac, champagne, and red diamonds. For those who didn’t know that diamonds were colored; happy realization and for the ones who have a penchant for colored diamonds, this is something you will cherish for a lifetime.

The red diamond which happens to be one of the rare seven diamonds in the world which is for sale which is .55 carat costs $350,000. The cognac-colored diamond of about half a carat is for $2,250 and the 3.65-carat pink diamond can cost you $650,000. What can I say if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t let this exclusive collection out of my hands, for sure!

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