The Mouawad Heidi Klum collection unveiled

When a celebrity’s or supermodel’s name is attached to a petty thing also, it instantaneously gains recognition. So when they lend their names to classy stuff like jewelry, the sky is the limit! Based on this philosophy, supermodel Heidi Klum has launched a line of exclusive jewelry with Mouawad. Mouawad’s golden rule and motto have always been “Quality is a priority”. Mouawad has perfected both the synthesis of theory and practice of creating jewelry through an elevated level of specialization in the jewelry making process. While being in Italy Heidi Klum was deeply intrigued by a clover-patterned marble inlay she saw in Milan. The symbol of luck impressed Klum so much that she decided to stylize it in her work, creating the range of jewelry.

The clover motif has long been recognized as the universal symbol of luck and remains the dominant theme of the Heidi Klum Collection. It is designed for the fashion conscious woman, who seeks an expression of elegance and timelessness. So adorn these timeless pieces if you consider yourself one!

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