Tiffany’s outdoes itself with a $30 million diamond and platinum necklace

Tiffany & Co. has been around for more than 185 years and the fact they have just revealed what is their most expensive piece of jewellery only shows their innovation and creativity knows no bounds! At a Tiffany event held in Dubai over the weekend, the world got to see the marvel they have dubbed “The Empire Diamond.” Yes, the intricate beauty-of-a-necklace is every cent as breathtaking as one would imagine with a spellbinding 80-carat, internally flawless, oval cut diamond perched as its centre. That’s not all the dazzle the necklace brings to the neck; the stunning Empire Diamond is surrounded by 180-carats worth of diamonds in a design that reimagines the World’s Fair necklace of 1939 replacing the initially featured 200-carat aquamarine stone, with the Empire Diamond.

Interestingly, the empire diamond comes second in line to the not-for-sale, priceless Tiffany Diamond with a sticker price between $20 million and $30 million. While Tiffany is ready to part with this masterpiece they do hope the owner of this magnificence will agree to lend the piece for special brand exhibitions. The World’s Fair Necklace features the mighty Empire Diamond that took two years to source (mined in Botswana, cut and polished in Israel and set in Tiffany’s workshop in New York City) and in totality brings to you the finished result with a total of 578 diamonds (with 353 round brilliant stones and 224 custom-cut baguettes). The Market Herald shares Victoria Reynods, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co.’s inputs, “The new necklace perfectly reflects our brand heritage as a New York luxury jeweller, whose founder was known as the ‘King of Diamonds.”

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WWD shared Tiffany’s chief executive officer Anthony Ledru’s thoughts on the global markets, “We are seeing a very dynamic trend for high jewelry and are experiencing the highest level of high ticket transactions in our brand’s history. This year’s Blue Book Collection has been very well received — especially with our renewed focus on the historic works of Jean Schlumberger. Money cannot buy history and money cannot buy style — our clients know this. As a result, we had a record year in China and the U.S. for our high jewelry collection. Dubai is the natural next destination for us.”

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[Via: WWD]

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