Virgil Abloh partners with Jacob & Co for a unique office supplies jewelry collection that transcends everyday objects into exceptional ones

DIY existed even before the term DIY was coined. As school kids we used rubber bands to make games, bracelets. Paper clips too were intertwined to be worn as jewelry. That’s exactly how design works; Inspiration lies everywhere, all it takes is a moment of realisation which is what the latest offering of Virgil Abloh in partnership with Jacob & Co is. Together they bring back nostalgia on our wrists and ears only this time at their latest range of bracelets and earrings, elevate ordinary, everyday designs, specifically paper clips. The ordinary paper clips of our past have been transformed into luxury items crafted from 18k white, yellow or rose gold. It has got to be one of Virgil Abloh’s most striking works as he brings the innocence of a grade school idea and combines it with the aspirational quality of a Rocafella chain in a way only he can. Ask me and I would say this design rates high on emotional quotient as well as quality. Each bracelet and earring consists of a linked pattern of individual paperclip-shaped pieces. This chain of 18K gold staples come encrusted with diamonds that add the oomph and makes its wearer look and feel bold, confident and stylish.

Jacob & Co. explained, “Creating connection between one another is one of the most powerful things in the world,”. If you have fallen in love with the striking pieces of fine jewellery from the office supplies collection, you can request an order form by emailing officesupplies@canary— Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo and Abloh will personally review and approve every order submitted.

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