Wear the power on your finger!

If you had to wear a constellation on your pretty fingers you wouldn’t miss the chance for the world. All pretty ladies of planet earth please divert your attention towards the DVF Power Ring. DVF stands for Diane von Furstenberg and is one of the most beautiful rings made by H. Stern. It’s a part of the Power Ring Collection. I used the word constellation because to me it looks like a network of sparkling stars that will lend a celestial beauty to any graceful lady who is lucky enough to wear this power ring on her fingers. I think the collection is rightly named as the power ring collection as it has the power to attract, to appeal, and to please everyone with its drop-dead gorgeous looks.

For those who care about the technical information here is some more. It is made from 18-karat white gold. The diamonds are Pave set and have a total of 4.6carat weight. It costs an incredible $19,000.00.

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