With precious metals sprayed onto ceramics and rock crystal for holographic hues, Boucheron’s latest high jewelry collection Holographique is the epitome of technical mastery

High jewelry is synonymous with Boucheron. This 163-year-old French jewelry House Is not only a pro at presenting some of the most elegant and mesmerizing creations, but they are also equally efficient in reinventing and being relatable! Boucheron outdoes its collections by presenting Holographique, their latest High Jewellery collection. La Maison de Boucheron’s Claire Choisne, Jewellery Creative Director, makes the rainbow tangible with this impressive holographic jewelry collection.

She said, “Each Boucheron high jewelry collection starts with a dream. Last year it was placing a piece of the sky around a woman’s neck. This year it was all about holographic colors. Opals principally.” The new collection of high jewelry comprises 25 pieces, subjects precious metals to high temperatures, and sprays them onto ceramics and rock crystal, unleashing magical new hues and a dreamlike wearable product. The collection features several colorful chapters, namely, Opalescence, Ondes, and Illusion.

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The first chapter, Opalescence, is complete with a transformable necklace and single ear cuff, both with jaw-dropping focal cabochon opals at the center. The next chapter is replete with intertwined streams of brilliant diamonds and tantalizing opals. Light plays a vital role in this collection as it dances off the diamonds and bounces onto the vividly colored opal’s rounded figure. Next comes the series of three opal cocktail rings- dark, black, and white opals make for the stunning statement pieces as their beauty is further enhanced by a sea of pavéed rainbow precious stones.

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Claire truly challenges the realms of design and manufacturing technology by creating pieces with a kaleidoscopic feel, contrary to the monochromatic coloring of the flower itself. With the Holographique high jewelry collection, Boucheron’s technical mastery meets thrilling avant-garde design to offer a genuinely unique assemblage of accessories.

[Via: The Glossary Magazine]

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