10 most luxurious home theater setups in the world

Home theatres have gained their own celebrity amongst all the regular old architectural spaces. They’ve become quite the representative of our contemporary lifestyle. Today, it is not only hardcore movie buffs who make an investment in personal home theatres, but anyone with a large enough space, and a penchant for entertainment simply goes for it.

However, a home theatre interior design is just as mutually exclusive with that upscale vibe as the actual concept of it used to be in the past. Today, a luxury home theatre is not only expressive and opulent in interior design, but it’s also avant-garde in expression. Further, we’ll be looking at 10 of the most luxurious home theatre setups in the world.

10. The one with the sophisticated palate
’Fit for a princess,’ would be the phrase to go for while describing Britney Spear’s home theatre. Its plush, elegant aesthetic features a soothing color palate, a comfortable material palate and an ambience that makes you want to simply curl in on the sofa-seats and enjoy a good movie. The tiered seating has been executed in the form of armless couches with ottomans in the back rows. It even features a large window that showcases beautiful vistas of the surroundings outside.
Estimated: $18,000

9. The one with the scenic view
Seaside properties and willfully open home theatres do not exactly go hand in hand. In fact, most theatres are deliberately designed in basements or underground spaces in order to fully capture that enclosed cinema vibe. However, this home theatre belonging to Enrique Iglesias is unique in both concept as well as execution. It features expansive views of the stunning outdoors instead of the regular old acoustic insulation. It’s octagonal in shape and features a very cozy boho chic aesthetic and quite a relaxing aura – offering luxury and homeliness in a single package.
Estimated: $20,000

8. The one with the tufty-time seating
Celebrity home theatres are quite impressive in general, but Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has gone the extra mile to ensure the utmost comfort in his personal one. His home theatre features a cool blue color scheme and a plush tufty-time recessed couch seating. One glance, and it’s impossible not to want to lie down on those comfy cushions. There are plenty of in-built speakers around the room that ensure excellent acoustics as well.
Estimated: $35,000

7. The one with the backlighting
Clever lighting has always been the holy grail of cinematic designs, and this theatre has captured the trendy heart of it in its luxurious design. The onyx clad, backlit stylish bar coupled with the minimalistic paneling on the walls creates an enchanting setup that makes this home theatre a truly stunning space.
Estimated: $90,000

6. The one with the nightclub vibe
J. Lo has always done everything in style, so why should her home theatre be any different. Done in a kaleidoscope of colors with phantasmagoric nightclub lighting, her home theatre looks more like a VIP room in a high-end club. This theatre features a conventional tiered setting, but the seating itself is executed in the form of luxurious couches with enough room for a side table for cocktails in between each row.
Estimated: $120,000

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