200.8 metre long wedding dress in China

This guy is a great Olympics fan I must say. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics is scheduled for China, this Chinese fellow, named Ken, thought of the most bizarre concept for his wedding. Originally he had contemplated a 2008 meters long wedding dress for his fiancée. However, he felt that it would have been too hard to make and to handle. Thank goodness he realized it! So he changed the length to 200.8 and hopes the long train will bind the two together forever. The 200.8-meter long dress has 208 butterfly knots, and the tail is three meters wide. The whole piece weighs close to 100kg. Ken, of Guangzhou city, placed the order with a local factory that took nearly three months to complete the dress.

Factory owner Zhang Xiaoyun says he was amazed to hear that someone wanted such a long wedding dress for their fiancée, but he was quite touched by Ken’s sincerity. The couple had their wedding pictures taken at the Guangzhou Sunflower Garden, where workers spent nearly five hours helping them arrange the dress for the photographer.