$620,000 Oud – An Arabic Music Instrument made of black diamond and gold

There are 59,000 UAE millionaires who own 1,500 billion dirhams (the US $408 billion) and the number of UAE millionaires is growing %5 each year because of the rapid growth of the UAE economy according to Emirates Today Arabic newspaper. The moment has come for everyone to take an up-close-and-personal look at the latest luxury lines by the world’s most exclusive super brands at Emirates Millionaire Show 2006. Yesterday we featured the most expensive office chair, but today we have something for the music aficionados! The Black Arabian Star is a $620,000 Oud (Arabic Music Instrument) made by Ritter Royal Instruments. It is exclusively handcrafted with 103,59ct Black Diamond, one out of six biggest Black Diamonds ever found; round-cut with 3-ray Star on Top in Main Rosette. Rosettes as well as fingerboard inlay are actually made out of pure 24karat gold! The backside of the Oud is covered with Gold Leaf and the nut is made of at least 10000 years old Siberian Mammoth Ivory! Very impressive….but it gets me wondering if all this going to augment the melodic significance of the instrument!

By the way, we have something for the slightly lesser souls too. The Paraiba is priced at $420,000….$200,000 lesser than the Black Arabian Star. While all the rest of the features remain the same it’s only the black diamond that is replaced by an extremely rare Paraiba-Tourmaline (9,97ct) in Main Rosette. For those who are not well-versed with the world of musical instruments…..Oud is a short-necked, half pear-shaped, plucked lute of the Arab world, the direct ancestor of the European lute. I would like to hear a track though!

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