A park in Norway lets you play with wolves under the Northern Lights

This is for all our travel-obsessed ones! Just like us, I’m convinced nature’s visual miracle – the Northern Lights – is on your bucket list! Well time to push it up a new ranks and here’s why! For the first time ever, Norway’s Polar Park is allowing visitors to get up, close and personal with those wizardly wolves! The park’s ‘Howl Night’ entails an adventure night where guests can spend an entire night around these majestic ones! Of course, this means you get to be a spectator of the Northern Lights as well!

Norway Polar Park welcomes wolf-lovers 2
While usually wild wolves are quite the dangerous ones, the Polar Park ones have grown up feeling calm around humans, and hence one can observe their habits and even cuddle around! All wolf fans should use this opportunity well to engage and learn more about these curious creatures.
Norway Polar Park welcomes wolf-lovers 3
Polar Park staff recommends embarking on a Howl Night during the winter ‘when the moon lights up the snow’ and you have a better opportunity of seeing the Northern Lights.
Norway Polar Park welcomes wolf-lovers 5

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Norway Polar Park welcomes wolf-lovers 4

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