A peak into the life of rich kids in Dubai – all the fun, sun and … the guns

Dubai, people! Just when we were beginning to get all worked up that the @richkidsofdubai weren’t getting the limelight drawn, from their Russian counterparts. It is all in there – the Ferraris, the cheetahs, the Burj Khalifa scaling, the Bugattis, the diamonds, the gold, the sheesha from gold hookahs and THE AK47 gold hookah stand. See? When we say anything can happen in Dubai, you thought we were joking. And now who is having the last laugh?

The Instagram photographs are insanely opulent and unbelievably extravagant – very-Dubai. Of course, the cars take up for much space, second comes the yachts and tanning and the third is the Burj in its glory with a gold-studded or sun-tanned accessory. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian also makes it in these picture – someone even yearned for ‘habibiti’ Paris to come back to Dubai soon. My stomach churned a bit. Shopping bags and hotel rooms came as a second tier. But with all the brilliance of the hot wheels, hot women (hypocritical – the idea of jailing an expat in hot pants while letting the ‘richkid’ walk semi-nude in the desert or sprawling on a public beach) and some real totally burning personal possessions. Let us not spoil the fun for you. Run now, scoot, check out the account.

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