A Practical Luxury Valentine Gift! Is it even possible? Brown Safe Proves it Can Be..

Valentine’s day is approaching and couples are probably stuck in a gifting dilemma, yet again. Chocolates, flowers and all that mush: Sweet but oh so passé. Having progressed to times when love is more of a solid emotion and less of a floaty feeling, even more about intelligent practicality and less about quixotic gifts: The question is, what do you gift your significant other, wisely so?

For the affluent who wish to ditch conventionalism, Brown Safe has the ideal gifting option. A smart coalescence of luxury and practicality, their range of extraordinary safes for women and men wave the green flag of stylish sophistication and unrivalled security.
With a history dating 35 years back and a rock-solid reputation as a leading American high-security jewelry safes manufacturer, Brown Safe is held in high regard for their impeccable handcrafted-quality products and unmatched safety/security.

Jewellery Safes: For the woman who has it all

The Gem Series high-security jewelry safe is an outcome of superior mechanical engineering and tops the luxury jewelry safes domain today. Boasting innovative features and efficient working, the safe’s skilfully handcrafted jewelry chests are an ideal solution to keep high-end watches and jewellery safe, organized, and ready to wear.

Also, no more fretting about the ‘is-it-ready-to-wear’ problem with your exclusive mechanical watches. Because every Gem Jewelry safe can be fitted with Orbita® automatic watchwinders. Take your pick between the Programmable Winders and Rotorwind Winders.

You get:
– Customized jewelry drawers, necklace rack, and interior trim made of hand-picked hardwood stocks. Choose from eight premium hardwood types
– Interiors like different hardwood jewelry drawers available in a finish and size of your choice
– 18 thoughtfully designed interior drawer layouts
– Super-soft Ultrasuede lined interiors, varied Ultrasuede colors
– Automatic (Hera) LED interior lighting
– Deluxe necklace rack in matching hardwood carved along the safe’s bolt housing
– Classy door-mounted interior mirrors
– A multi-stage paint process that renders a superior exterior finish
– Array of standard paint finishes – In-house painting specialists can also offer a custom paint finish
– Several customized wood types, patterns, hardware finish and color options
– Lush black velvet-lined interior walls, shelves, and drawers. Upgrade to ivory velvet or black and sand Ultrasuede® options available
– Mix and match finish options to design your own safe
– Custom-made drawers from customer-supplied wood

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Special Safety features
Three lock types: Electronic Keypad Lock (La Gard), Luxury Biometric Fingerprint Reading lock, and Mechanical Dial Lock. Additionally, a key-locking-model offers the option of locking out the dial, and won’t work without key re-insertion.
Security: Four protection levels, with or without fire protection in each. The “Featherweight” (lighter) version of each jewelry safe comes without fire protection.
Fingerprint entry: To make access a privilege only you can enjoy – Because there’s no better way to say there’s absolutely no one like you.

The Gem Series is made using high-grade quality materials and advanced construction methods, can be customized to exact specifications, and has a range of inventive, intelligent multiple interior configurations to stylishly hold your woman’s prized possessions and reflect her personal style sense. She can’t help but beam!

MAN SAFE watch safes: For the man who never settles

Brown Safe’s MAN SAFE, rooted in brilliant engineering and flawless craftsmanship, is reminiscent of the brand’s three-decade old experience in making high-security safes/vaults for the public and military. With time, this powerful safe kept getting stronger and safer, also a lot more dependable and agile. Today, it is a cutting-edge safe for men’s watches/jewelry that scores 100% in every aspect, from design, convenience, to performance and everything in between. The MAN SAFE addresses every common and unique need of today’s contemporary man – Could anything else make a wiser gift?

Tasteful horology is familiar only to some, and for those select few, there is the high-end, highly-advanced Brown Safe Chronos Series.

There’s also the Orbita® watch winder safe for busy professionals, for whom the convenience of accessing all important belongings in one secure spot is the most apt gift. Be it regular items such as wallet, phone, keys, etc., or important things like passports, jewelry, important documents, etc. that need to be kept secure but handy, MAN SAFE is the answer.

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Built thoughtfully with top-quality luxurious materials, the MAN SAFE’s extraordinary features streamline its use and make its working as sublime as its appearance.

You get:
– A choice between two easy-to-use, instantly accessible locks – Electronic (Push Button) Keypad Lock and Biometric Fingerprint Reading Lock
– Tailored watch panels with Orbita Automatic watchwinders to keep those designer watches functioning flawlessly – Programmable Winders (optional upgrade) and Rotorwind Winders (Standard watch winder option)
– High-end security features
– Ballistic armor construction
– Advanced fire protection
– Varied sizes

MAN SAFE Elite: While the base protection level in the MAN SAFE surpasses industry standards anyway, the MAN SAFE Elite edition offers greater advanced additional security, protection and performance.
This upgraded model is built using military-grade ballistic armor plate, which, at only a fraction of the thickness, amazingly exceeds the penetration resistance of the toughest hard plates, rendering exponential security levels and making installation possible anywhere. This is because of the company’s ground-breaking construction techniques coupled with the latest technological advancements.

Additional Elite features:
– 1/4-inch Ballistic Armor body construction and 1/2-inch Ballistic Armor door
– Chip carbide hard plate
– Glass plate relocking device
– 3-way solid bolt work with anti-drive and stainless door cover
– Re-engineered construction techniques and materials providing unsurpassed overall fire safety
– Proprietary fire cladding process applied
– Ultimate burglary protection level
– 4 standard sizes, along with a personal choice of 2 interior configurations for each

So this 14th February, look beyond the conventional – Package your love in a gift that redefines practicality, echoes luxury, and goes way beyond the ordinary!

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